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To Become a Licensed Insurance Agent in Georgia or Online for other States

CLICK THE LINK a For Awesome Video Lectured online class and for classes other than the state of Georgia

Classroom  for Life and Health or Life and Health Subagents in Georgia

Same experience with an onsite instructor

Cost of class to be  paid 1 week in advance of start date of class ]Process

  1. Register online at  Click on In-house Class

  2. Class will be scheduled and material ordered

  3. Class starts on Monday ends on Friday 


After Completing Class

To schedule an examination,
please contact PearsonVUE at 1-800-274-0488

Exam Cost: $90


Finger print: $60

License: $120


For Additional information, contact

GEL Financial Services, LLC

GEL School of Insurance

Gale E Lawrence

McDonough, Ga or Virtual


Our Fax Number is: 678-262-3691

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